TOO MANY CHIEFS have produced two crisp and refreshing ciders - a delicious blend of Pear & Apple and the more traditional straight Apple Cider, using 100% Goulburn Valley grown fruit.

From Shepparton, in the heart of the Goulburn valley, TMC brings you two crafted ciders using carefully selected apples and pears straight from the orchard.

apple pear cider


Our handcrafted pear & apple blend has a clean and crisp fruit aroma with a brilliant light peach colour and a generous mouth feel with a subtle sweet finish.


Our handcrafted blend of apple cider is made from a selected variety of Goulburn Valley apples creating a complex and well balanced cider with a zesty dry finish. This cider has a fresh apple aroma featuring a clean straw colour.


 100% Goulburn Valley fruit  ||  No concentrates, sugar or water added  || Gluten Free  || With just the right amount of kick at 5% alcohol.

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